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Sleep = Rest...WRONG....Autistics need different kinds of REST; Sensory Rest is one of them

Do you go to sleep feeling exhausted but then lie there for hours with your brain reeling  before finally drifting off to sleep only to awaken just as exhausted as you were the night before?  Have you been feeling agitated or even experiencing bouts of crying and moments of frustrated anger?  Have you had more headaches or migraines than usual, tension and tightness in your neck and shoulders?  Have you been feeling disconnected from the world and like you have no purpose?  Have you been struggling to remember things you just heard or just read?   These are just a few signs we autistics experience as a result of not having sufficient rest. Did you know there are other forms of rest besides sleep? There are 7 types of rest and sleep is just one of them. Today, you will be learning about the other forms of rest you may not be getting and how to recognize what kind of rest you may need along with access to a quick quiz to help you evaluate your personal rest needs so you can feel fully

Week 5- Your Hijacked Brain, Why your life hasn't worked out the way you thought

WEEK 5- Your Hijacked Brain 12 Week Unmasking Authentically Autistic Challenge Harmony vs. Discord or Coherence vs. Dissonance Your brain is like an orchestra. When everything is in harmony the sound is beautiful and joyous to listen to, however when an errant note is played by one instrument there is discord and the resulting noise is like nails on a chalkboard.  The brain picks up on changes in our thoughts as we attempt to make changes to our current beliefs, thoughts and habituated behaviors the same way our body responds to a note played off key or nails on a chalkboard.  The brain becomes alerted to a potential threat and begins seeking to re-establish harmony as efficiently as possible and as quickly as possible.   Your subconscious brain is always seeking its Ideal state of safety and efficiency as we discussed in our Week 5 Video-Your Hijacked Brain. Week 5 Video When your brain is in a state of coherence it is happy and thinks that all is well. When you introduce change into