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Born This Way by Jason Muxworthy, Part 1

Meet today's guest writer, Jason Muxworthy.  He is a big Dr. Who fan as you can see from the great photo of him above.  Jason is also the guest on my podcast, MIND YOUR AUTISTIC BRAIN this week.  Podcast Link  I am celebrating the big "10" today on the Podcast as this is the 10th episode and your 5 star ratings and reviews have been pouring in each week.  I am so excited the podcast is resonating with you and giving you great insights each week.  We are a beautiful community of varied voices and on the podcast you get to meet someone you may relate to and connect with each week.  You are not alone my friend.  Enjoy Jason's article below on sharing his autism diagnosis with the world.  Thanks for this Jason!!! God Makes No Mistakes – Born This Way. Part 1. First of all I would like to thank Lady Gaga for the title of this blog. As a result you may be reading this with a deal of trepidation as to what might be coming next. Some of you might already know what I am about

Signs You Are Overstimulated!!!

Overstimulation is something we as adult autistics face on a daily basis. Learning how overstimulation presents, in you personally, is a big factor in being able to identify it early and put protective action barriers into place. Bart and I have both experienced overstimulation and he is sharing his insights and a great graphic to add to your TOOL KIT to help you identify overstimulation in your life. Meet Bart Wapstra, below and be sure to hop back over to Instagram and share your overstimulation thoughts with us on instagram @socialautie under the post for this blog today. Enjoy this amazing article from Bart……. Hi there! I am Bart Wapstra, an autism advocate from the Netherlands on Instagram (@actually_autistic_bart). Recently, I joined ''Mind Your Autstic Brain with Social Autie'' Facebook group. I always like to share parts of my life with people hoping it can help others. I also hope that neurotypicals become more aware about what autism is and isn'

WEEK 10-GET the FACTS on FEEDBACK- 3 Easy Tips, Myths Debunked, How to DO IT & Viewer Q & A for Autistics

  Do you STRESS @ How to Respond when someone asks for YOUR opinion? Your best friend, your spouse, your some point everyone asks for our opinion on something, from “What do you think of my new dress?” to “How can we increase production in your department?” Do you panic?  Do you dread answering because in the past when you have given your opinion it went terribly wrong and the other person got mad or defensive or worse?  Do you cringe and avoid answering at all costs?  You would rather have your fingernails ripped out than answer the question.  If this is you, you are not alone and I have some great tips and insights into this very tricky topic of feedback for you today that will make those days of cringing, panic and avoidance a thing of the past.  Today, you are going to get the autistic insight your brain has been seeking and 3 easy tips to make you a feedback pro.  What is feedback exactly? Feedback is a mutual communication exchange where you express what you think, feel