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5 Tips How To Identify a TRUSTWORTHY Person, Relationships for AUtistics Part 4, TRUE Connection

  Corner 4 relationships are about finding the person who embodies those true connection traits but where to even begin is the hardest and scariest part. The first step is to find someone who is trustworthy, but that isn’t always easy for us as Autistics. Today, I am going to give you a quick overview of a true connection relationship and then I’m going to teach you the 5 ingredients and tools you need to solve that first hard step in deciding if the person you are considering is even trustworthy. Stick around to the end where I’ll tell you the secret to finding that true connection relationship. A true connection as defined by Dr. Cloud in his book, The Power of the Other, you can find a link to his book in the description below, is this: “One in which you can be your whole self, the real, authentic you, a relationship to which you can bring your heart, mind, soul, and passion. Both parties to the relationship are wholly present, known, understood, and mutually invested. What each t

Relationships for Autistics Part 3, The FALSE Good Connection or Corner 3

Your social brain is constantly seeking connection just like your cell phone is constantly searching for connection to a network, so is your brain. When we hit our limit and say enough is enough I am tired of feeling bad or not good enough, we seek to feel good. But often in our efforts to feel good we seek and make the wrong kind of connection. It is the False “Good connection” or Corner 3. It feels good so it must be good, right? The affair, the promotion, the positive results, the approval from others, sex, alcohol, drugs, they all make you feel good, but do those things last? Are they just a temporary fix to soothe your aching soul? Today we are talking about the Corner 3 or the False Good connection. That wolf in sheep’s clothing. Do you ever catch yourself moving from one project to the next because the minute it gets too hard or doesn’t feel good any more you lose interest, so you move on to the next project or idea seeking that feeling of success, happy or accomplishment. Do yo