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Thought Loops, Rumination & Worry- How to use them as a tool for Autistics with 4 tips on how to stop the thought loop

  Thought Loops, Rumination & Worry  How to use them as a tool for Autistics What is it? Mandall et al defines rumination as the "tendency to engage in sustained, repetitive thinking about negative topics." (Mandell et al., 2014, p. 35). Overall, with variations in definition in psychology research, rumination is a pattern of thinking which is most often, but not always, linked to a negative feeling, experience from the past or future feelings that are anticipated. Example: * Replaying a conversation that has happened * Scripting every scenario for a future conversation Rumination refers to thinking about events in the past . Worry refers to thinking about events in the future . Beneficial Tool vs. Harmful Behavior The harmful affects of rumination and worry can be: *Loss of sleep * Easily agitated * Increase in anxiety & depression * Impact your emotions and can change your world view along with your sense of safety. INSIGHT The brain cannot distinguish easily betwee

Wk 12 SELF-CARE 6 Tips for Adult Autistics

  1. Basic Needs This one has always been a challenge for me.  I tend to get caught up in what I am doing and forget to eat and drink.  I'm better about it in the mornings, but by lunchtime or late afternoon I have completely forgotten.  I've even caught myself "holding it" after a cup of coffee rather than stopping to "go" because I don't want to stop what I'm doing.  Can you relate, do you do any of this as well?   IF so, then it is time for some Self-Care.  One of the biggest hurdles we as autistics face is giving ourselves PERMISSION to Self-Care.  Somehow, over the decades of going unidentified and not knowing we are autistic, we hold this false belief that isn't even conscious that we have to follow the rules and ask permission.  I think it comes from childhood when we had to ask permission to go to the bathroom at school.   Most of us are rule followers to the letter and this new awareness that we are in control and have choices to decide