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What is Possible After Autism Identification as an Adult

 What is Possible After Autism Identification as an Adult by Carole Jean Whittington There are so many things that I have learned about myself since finding out 7 years ago, at the age of 39, that I am autistic and ADHD.  This past year has been a Quantum Leap year for me in my Neurodiverse journey and not in the ways I ever could have expected. I never expected to: get hit with a PTSD flashback and for once not freeze, panic and spiral down a dark mental hole. move cross country for the second time in a year only to arrive and go through one of the most crippling burnouts I've ever experienced, but was able to recover in a matter of a few weeks vs the years all the other ones took. have those thoughts of suicide pop up when I'm tired or not feeling well and be in a place where I can just observe them and not feel the need to overthink and shame myself but rather allow them to flow through me like water and watch as they move away. I wasn't sure how to best share what I hav

Too Many Questions

Too many Questions by Sam Huber of Huber Family Adventure on Instagram When I was six I went to Sunday School for about a minute.  I remember being stuffed into a little ex-broom closet with six other kids and a boney old teacher.  She looked like something out of a "Little House on the Prairie" novel, with her pale-colored dress buttoned up to the neck and tight gray hair bun.  The smell of old chalk from the board hung in the tiny room like dust in an old ghost story.  The teacher would sit us in a circle, then open a half moth-eaten book and start to read a story to us. One day, it was the story of Noah and the Ark, and she go to the point where he was loading all the animals onto the ship.  "How did he keep the fish alive on the boat- did he have fish tanks?" I asked.  "Sam, they just stayed in the water," said the teacher.  She turned the page before I asked her, "What did Noah feed the animals?"  "God provided Noah with the animals'