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The Internal Monologue of Being Busy and How to Switch it for Good Mental Health

Happy #ReflectionFriday Everyone!!!! This has been a really tough week for me. Since last Thursday afternoon I have been running a fever due to a bacterial infection via a cyst on my shoulder blade. I don't ever remember feeling quite so wiped out in ages. It has been a real challenge for me because I have so many things that I do each day that are really important to me like researching and writing really useful content that helps other autistics. I have barely moved from my bed except to go to the doctor, which has been 3 times this week. Ughhh. Good news is that I am on a new antibiotic and am feeling better and no fever for almost 24 hours- that means it's working. Insert happy dance here. What it also means is I have had time to think and reflect more than usual this week. This can be both a blessing and a curse in the autistic mind. You know exactly what I am talking about don't you. Yep, I knew you would get it. As I have found reflection to be a key com