Signs You Are Overstimulated!!!

Overstimulation is something we as adult autistics face on a daily basis. Learning how overstimulation presents, in you personally, is a big factor in being able to identify it early and put protective action barriers into place. Bart and I have both experienced overstimulation and he is sharing his insights and a great graphic to add to your TOOL KIT to help you identify overstimulation in your life. Meet Bart Wapstra, below and be sure to hop back over to Instagram and share your overstimulation thoughts with us on instagram @socialautie under the post for this blog today. Enjoy this amazing article from Bart…….

Hi there! I am Bart Wapstra, an autism advocate from the Netherlands on Instagram (@actually_autistic_bart). Recently, I joined ''Mind Your Autstic Brain with Social Autie'' Facebook group. I always like to share parts of my life with people hoping it can help others. I also hope that neurotypicals become more aware about what autism is and isn't. I believe autism is different not less!

As most autistic people may know being overstimulated is quite hard to deal with, it presents in many ways, both physically and mentally. A few years ago(on a Dutch autism Facebook group) I came across a list which summarized possible signs of overstimulation. As I read through it, I came across a lot of signs I wasn't aware of before. I received my diagnosis ASD with a bit of ADD when I was around 25 years old, we now are six years later and I still am learning new things about autism, like how my brain functions, and often influences me physically.

It's really valuable to prevent overstimulation, but also to recognize it early. It's much easier to de-stress and unwind when you are not too far gone yet(sounds dramatic, but can be reality). It is key to know your own body, and the list can be a great help with that. Fortunately you don't have to have all the signs, that would be really miserable. Since I know what overstimulation presents like it really helps me to recognize when to take a step back, and take care of myself. When I look to the past before being diagnosed(teenage and adolescence years) I now know why I had a lot of headaches, dizziness, and I was seeing spots. There were also many other signs, but the few mentioned were at the time unexplainable, but now very logical for me. Pieces that fell into place.

The list can also be useful to explain overstimulation to neurotypicals. I feel it is often quite difficult to pass on the scope of how overstimulation affects me. Explaining in general doesn't come naturally to me, and it is even harder if it is an autism related subject that needs to be explained to neurotypicals. I often use lists or informative illustrations for those types of situations, I find it very helpful.

I hope this information and small part of my own experience is helpful to any of you reading it!

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